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  • How to Use Supernote to Take Notes on Android Tablets

    Posted on April 4th, 2012 Tech Nerd 24 comments

    Learn more about Supernote: Rob from ASUS demoes Supernote – the new note-taking app added to Android in the 3.2.1 update. With Supernote you can make the notes for all your class in “notebooks”, easily adding and navigating through pages. With the ASUS Eee Pad Slider or ASUS Eee Pad Transformer you can easily switch between typing with the keyboard or writing by hand. You can also add graphs or charts, and even take a picture of the board to add to your notes.
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    24 responses to “How to Use Supernote to Take Notes on Android Tablets” RSS icon

    • is there any way to sync the notes from supernote to a computer or another android? like evernote

    • MasterSean217

      Imagine when you’re lecturing your students and they are using their Android Tablet and trying take a picture of the board, you might find it strange because they are taking a picture of you.

    • it’s a build in app for transformer (prime)

    • Is it possible to add notes in a pdf file?

    • Transformer Prime* :)

    • Hey is there any way to sync these notes to google doc or onto a cloud or something?

    • it is

    • this is the main reason why i am getting TF201
      iOS sucks

    • BEAT THAT iOS 😛

    • better be available on the prime >.>

    • wow thats the shiz

    • asianseyesRpretty2

      why can’t i find this in the app market??

    • XxSocialTechxX

      Is super note available on any android tablet?

    • Actually almost retarded if u compae it to UPAD on my ipad ,,, taking the photo here is like 10 times slower here lol,,,,, and upad has soo much more option alot better looking also free,, go see it

    • AndreaFranchitti

      it means you’re not able to use it

    • Onenote is the shit

    • I wish you could write over already written stuff. Like if i downloaded a powerpoint or wrod doc (like a power point lecture or a word doc syllabus), i could takes notes ontop of the powerpoint slide or in the margin like i do in real life. Until then this is all useless imo, but you gotta start somewhere

    • looks awesome! can you add audio recording capability as well?

    • This is great but, fyi, if you install Word on a touch screen device, you get the Pens Ribbon, which will allow you to do the same thing without jumping out to paint. Might want to update that statement.
      Now for fun, you should demo what you can do on say the Asus EP121 with a real digitizer and Onenote or even Evernote.

    • Nice, ASUS has done some solid releases, very happy I waited and went with the Transformer.

      …now hurry up and release ICS! 🙂

    • Wow this is sweet.

    • Sweet program, used it in a few classes already. Seems to work okay =) I was really excited when I saw it in my apps list.

    • DennisEatsFood

      send me my UX31!

    • CPUXmcXDivine

      Release Transformer 2 already D:

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