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  • Anonymous: Operation V (Nov. 5th 2012)

    Posted on March 11th, 2012 Tech Nerd 23 comments

    This operation, if the people are willing to go for it, is set for this summer, and shall honorably end on November 5th. IF THE PEOPLE DON’T WANT IT, DON’T DO IT. DISREGARD THIS MESSAGE. HOWEVER, IF YOU DO, WE WILL STAND BY YOU. The people united will prevail. ____________________________________ …
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    23 responses to “Anonymous: Operation V (Nov. 5th 2012)” RSS icon

    • 3liteTrooperFilms

      People, GO TO THE CHAT ROOMS FOR YOUR REGION! Check the description to see your region! It will link you to were you need to go!

    • When are we going to go to the chat rooms???

    • AnonymousWorld2012

      so what do you do when the op v starts?

    • H.CON.RES.107.IH I’m sure by now that Anon is aware of this bill and what has set it into motion. This is truly scary stuff.

    • @reptiles12345 im practicly alone in region 11

    • @ninjamoonshine7 overbearing beliefs? Don’t make me laugh.

      Let’s see how well your logic holds up? Go ahead and disprove my assertions. Or are you here just to dish out insults?

    • Trying to even try to take away our Freedom of the Media

    • Hey anon fags, I have been studying US strategies and UN/NATO as well… If you do this I will always be glad to aid my country to be free… But if you want to truly enslave somebody promise them absolute freedom…

    • why am i alone in occupyregion1

    • Lets go

    • Xxwwehd606158450Xx

      This video is old. wait Nov. 5th 2012 ohhhhh sorry forgot to read the rest 🙁

    • @Christiansosx rofl. . . so GOD is the ONLY answer? when EVIL PEOPLE (not hell) come to this world, GOOD PEOPLE will save THEMSELVES. If the only reason your a good person is cuz a being that may or may not exist promises you paradise, that means your not really that good of a person. simply someone acting out of fear. the bible has programmed its followers to give up in the event of catastrophe because they cannot save themselves. only a being that may or may not exist can do that . . .

    • ninjamoonshine7

      @bluerap04 both of you have no place here and you can both take your overbearing beliefs and your false logic explainations somewhere else.

    • TheAnonMessage

      @Dranious Thumbs up the video. That way we can get a better consensus.

    • @KillamonjarowX123 You believe in God because of hope.. and this is fine. We are all hopeful of something. However you must strive for deeper understanding…

      No matter if there is a God, or Gods, or if God has a God, the underlying, ultimate reality is this: God cannot exist without the circumstances which allow Him to exist.

      This means that God cannot be Infinite, unless you refer to God as the Infinite itself; which is ALL that exists, including the circumstances that allow for existence.

    • @KillamonjarowX123 What does that have to do with this video?

    • KillamonjarowX123

      I don’t believe in Hell, but I believe in God. Yeah, I’m nuts right… I am not in a standard belief system, the fact I believe in God doesn’t mean I know what God IS or how she/he does things.

      Anyway, you can’t just say “The is no God!” because you don’t know that, just like I can’t say to you that there IS a God. Yes I believe in some sort of God but just because I believe that doesn’t mean I’m right.

    • KillamonjarowX123

      @wellintonnobel Hey, you don’t know that. Don’t just assume, that’s as bad as the Religious. I don’t get beliefs the is no proof that God doesn’t exist as there is proof (s)he does exist.

      I know you don’t believe in God but some people do believe in him/her, and there is no proof of either sides, both sides are exactly in the same boat, until we find PROOF.

    • @Christiansosx That is a very dilusional way to think. There is no such thing as hell, believing in hell makes you sort of a terrorist. “If you don’t believe in god you go to hell” that’s forcing people to believe in something because of fear. Your religion is no different than the hundreds of others in world history. If you say it is you are ignorant.

    • all it takes is a little spark and then…

    • @wellintonnobel if u think about it if there is no god but there is hell who is going to save us

    • @dainterwebgangsta u know for the last 45 years i thought this world was going to be a disaster and if u think there is no god well when hell comes who is going to save us, so start thinking because u got no one else to save u but god.

    • @ilovespirito15 I’m guessing they will be the first thing that gets banned when ACTA hits the streets.

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